Prinoth expands production capacity and warehousing space


Prinoth proudly unveils two new production halls at its Herdwangen location. This expansion enables Prinoth to meet the rising sales demands for vehicles and attachments used in vegetation management.

Construction began in November 2021, and now, one and a half years later, the new facilities have been inaugurated. The production capacity can now be more than doubled, and the number of employees has already increased by around 30% since 2021. A total of 10 million euros has been invested in the Herdwangen location since 2021, clearly demonstrating the commitment of the Prinoth group to the Herdwangen site. Furthermore, additional investment projects have been planned to continue the sustainable growth of the company in the coming years.

Prinoth CEO Kai Fetscher explains, "In the next few years, we plan additional investments, depending on the pace of business development." In response to this growth, new office spaces, meeting rooms, additional production and office areas, and automation of production processes where feasible are all planned for the current 175 employees. However, that's not all; sustainability is also a top priority. "We will expand electricity generation through photovoltaic systems and install other renewable energy sources to further reduce the company's carbon footprint," promises Kai Fetscher.

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