Mulching in stony soils


Overcoming challenges, discovering solutions!

In some soils, mulching wood, brush and trees can be a challenge. Standard mulching tools are often not designed to meet the demands of such challenging environments. This is reflected in the rapid wear and tear of the cutting edges, damage to the tools caused by stones and hard ground conditions.

This in turn leads to blockages in the mulcher. Work must be interrupted to remove the material that has accumulated. The tools have to be serviced or replaced. Mulching becomes inefficient and the machine comes to a standstill.

These problems can be solved with special tools made of carbide, which ensures a longer lifetime of the cutting edges, a robust construction that is resistant to damage from stones and a clever design that allows better penetration of the soil and reduces blockages: Better mulching performance, continuous work, no interruptions are the result.

Mulching in stony soils can be a challenge, but with the right tools, such as the BCS08 from Prinoth, the tool with four robust carbide tips, applications with heavy soil contact and rock content can be mastered. Its robust design and improved performance make it an effective solution. The use of carbide mulching teeth can not only improve work performance, but also reduce overall costs through reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

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